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Some of My Work

On this page, you will find a smorgasbord of different projects or work I have done! Some examples are coursework, some were for fun or extra-curricular activities! I'm a self-taught graphic designer, but I really enjoy the process. You can see a range of my designs from tax policy infographics to doodles I've just made for fun. If you need some graphic design help on a project, let me know!

Free Beer Tomorrow

Outside of my time in the Senate, I am helping on a documentary film project called Free Beer Tomorrow. The documentary will tell the stories of Ohio's longest-running lesbian-owned and -operated bar. 

I'm assisting the project in graphic design, web design, photography, and videography.

View the website I built at

Video Editing

As Communications Director, I work closely with senators on a variety of projects.


In 2023, I filmed and edited a special Wes Anderson-inspired edition of a weekly video series with Senator Kent Smith -- In Case You Missed It: Statehouse Edition.

The entire series can be found on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, TikTok) or here.

Assorted Infographics

As a member of the Ohio Environmental Council's Emerging Leaders Council this year, I helped organize and create a social media campaign to educate and advertise an upcoming event about climate change, environmental justice, and the Columbus Climate Action Plan!

More Infographics

In my time as an LSC Fellow, I have gotten to work as both acting Director and Deputy Director of Communications for the Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus. In addition to writing talking points, drafting or editing floor speeches and sponsor testimonies for senators, press releases and press conferences, I made a lot of infographics for the caucus social media!

MPA Capstone 

In partial fulfillment of my Master of Public Administration, I complete a capstone entitled Who Drives Environmental Litigation? An Analysis of Litigant Involvement and Influence on Case Outcomes utilizing novel environmental litigation data collected in my time with the Rea Environment and Society Lab at Ohio State.


Federal Income Tax Infographic

I created this infographic with Dr. Kim Young from The Ohio State University to help people understand the basic formula for federal income tax. Tax policy can be complicated, but I hope this infographic helps you understand it a bit better! You can click the image to the left to view it as a PDF.


Research Paper on Myers-Briggs

This is a research paper I completed in the fall of 2021 for a course titled Leadership in Public Organizations. I selected a research question about a topic in management that I found interesting - personality tests! More specifically, I looked at the 4-letter Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and its value in management. 

MBTI in Management Cover Page.png

Policy Implementation Analysis

I completed a policy identification brief, field map, and implementation analysis for a course titled Policy Formulation and Implementation in fall of 2020. I chose to do these papers on the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA).


Public Affairs Student Association Logo Creation 

These are some of the logos I created for the Public Affairs Student Association. We also created shirts with the NASA inspired PASA logo!

Asset 7.png

Otterbein University Student Government Rebrand

During my tenure at Otterbein University, I was heavily involved in student government (OUSG). I created this logo in 2018 to help rebrand our organization. 

Assorted Otterbein Shirt Designs

If you were a student at Otterbein University in the last few years, you might recognize some of the shirts and merch that I designed in my various roles on campus! Here are some examples that might be in your t-shirt drawer...

Just for fun...

Here are some things I have created just for fun over the last few years!

Untitled_Artwork 1_edited
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